Fluidmaster ,Inc was born in 1957 when founder/inventor Adolf Schope decided to bring a better idea to life, a better product to the market.

 Plumbers and Do-It-Yourselfers soon realized the Fluidmaster valve out performed any other. It operated Smoothly, Quickly, Quietly, and it stood up to years of flushes, even in hard water.

Why do Fluidmaster parts last so long? Superior engineering and top-grade materials. We keep that spirit of invention alive by always looking (and finding) new ways to make our repair parts work better and last longer.

The popularity of Fluidmaster valves has created a perfect springboard for Fluidmaster’s expansion into related product lines. Today there is a Fluidmaster part for nearly every toilet tank problem. Even toilet manufactures like Kohler® , Eljer®, and Briggs® presently rely on Fluidmaster to add value to their own product.

Tank Trims :

  • Fill Components & Kits
  • Flush Components & Kits
  • Toilet Installation & Kits
  • Water Supply Connector (No-Burst® Hose)